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信件_40*55cm(包含边框) /信封_40*55cm(包含边框)

三频影像_11’50’’; 8’27’’; 8’27’’


Family Separatism

Letter_40*55cm(with frame) /Envelope_40*55cm(with frame)

3-channel video_11’50’’; 8’27’’; 8’27’’


The three-channel video installation Family Separatism originated in a letter Ma Haijiao accidentally received. The content of this missive subtly reflected the estrangement and confusion between different generations within a single family. Ma re-enacts the situations described in the letter, creating three characters and depicting their lives as a pseudo-documentary. They include a young soldier serving in the army, a middle-aged businessman with an eye disease, and an old, Christian intellectual, each belonging to a different generation. Ma traces the evolution of this family drama, even to its collapse, to reflect the social conditions of contemporary Chinese society. A documentary style more broadly conceived, the work also incorporates staged re-enactments, voice-overs, and other devices to create a poetic, emotive atmosphere.


Family Separatism, video stills














Family Separatism, letter

Dear Grandpa:

    I hope you’re well, and Happy New Year! I know you and Dad do not get along with each other, being that you despise him and mum for being disabled. But they’re only physically disabled, not mentally. People like them should be regarded as role models for our family and friends. If we push ourselves like them, it would be a priceless fortune. If I could bear hardships like they do, I’d have been a college student, or even a graduate student. It’s only because I’m afraid of hardships that I ended up becoming just an ordinary student at a technical school. I really deeply regret this.


     One thing I learnt from my service here in the army is the value of unity, for unity is strength, and this strength is harder than steel. I hope that our family can stand in unity too, only so that others can’t look down at us. I get on really well with my comrades and our unity is strong, so if I had any problems they’d help me, and I would do the same the other way around. Soldiers should always stay united in the army. I also hope that my loved ones at home would stay in unity under your wise guidance. Do not play tricks with each other. Treat each other with honesty. Also, you should really change your opinions on things, and don’t try to start familial separatism! If you feel in anyway moved after reading this, please gather all the aunties, uncles, and my dad and mum for a family meeting, and make sure that the family stay united.


     All right! My time is limited. I don't have much free time because of the daily military trainings and classes.


Hope you would

Stay healthy! Stay drinking! Stay smoking! Stay laughing!



 Grandson: Li Cheng




Xiaohe Road (new No. 273), Gongshu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

Addressee: Li Yuchun

《例外状态》尤伦斯当代艺术中心 展览现场 2017

installation view in The New Normal, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, 2017